Revellers of the Beef Fest Unwelcome. This is the land of the Dravidian King Manuneedhi Cholan

To the “good citizens” out there who wish to bring back the Dravidian era, it would do well to remember the Dravidian kingdom ruled by the noble and just Manuneedhi Cholan. These citizens who beheaded a calf in the middle of the road and gave away its meat to the public now demand an independent Dravidian country 'free' from India. And that too for no better reason than to keep killing cows and live like Rakshasas.But these men, who dream of such freedom and believe in its fulfillment in a Dravidian rule, seem to forget that the kingdom ruled over by Manuneedhi Cholan was Dravidian.

a tweet demanding “Dravidanadu”

Ellalan Cholan was a righteous king who always ensured the upliftment of Dharma. His rule was such that each and every citizen in his kingdom had the right to present their troubles and complaints to him directly. To seek an audience with the King, all his subjects had to do was to ring the big bell hung in the palace grounds. When this bell rings the king appears, that was how it was. Once the subject has conveyed his troubles, be it big or small, the king would only leave after a solution was found. But because King Ellalan Cholan was a dharmic ruler, the big bell seldom rung.

One day, the bell rung after a long time and the King arrived, but only to find a cow pulling at the its rope. Seeing the cow with tear filled eyes, he immediately ordered his soldiers to investigate. The soldiers reported later that the cow had lost its calf when it accidentally got run over by the king’s chariot. The king called for his ministers and inquired about the kind of punishment given for accidentally killing a calf. The ministers said the punishment was thus, ‘The child of the accused is to be executed in the exact same manner the calf was killed thereby having the accused feel the pain of the mother cow’.

Raja Manuneedhi Cholan

Following this, the King sentenced himself with this punishment and ordered that his beloved son, who was born to him late after lots of prayers, be run over by his chariot. Pleased with the dharmic discipline shown by King Ellalan, Lord Shiva freed his son and the calf from death. Thus King Ellalan, who seemed to exceed Maharishi Manu at enforcing Dharma, came to be known as Manu Neethi Cholan.

In this manner, South India cherished a culture where cows are respected and taken care of. The world famous Thrissur Puram was first conducted by Shaktan Thampuran, the ruler of Kochi. Once when the king was en route for lunch, he was informed that a ‘Mappila’ had slaughtered a cow in his land. The King immediately went to the scene, directly conducted a trial and sentenced the offender to death by beheading. It was only after this that the king had his lunch. No powerful ruler in South India is ever known to have permitted cow slaughtering. The rulers of the Great Vijayanagara Empire who even identified themselves with the title ‘Gobrahmana Pratipalanacharya’ considered Cow Slaughtering a heinous crime deserving of the hardest punishments.

Today there are people in our country who have taken it upon themselves to bring back the dravidian era, just so that they have the freedom to slaughter cows. But little do these traitors know that the culture of the Dravidian is Sanatana Dharma itself, taught by the legendary Rishis of our land.

Tamizh Thai Vazhga!(Victory to Mother Tamil)
Malayazhma Vazhga!(Victory to the land of Malayalam)
Jai Karnataka Mata ! (Victory to Mother Karnataka)
Jai Telugu Talli !(Victory to Mother Telugu)
Bharat mata Ki Jai !(Victory to Mother Bharat)
Sanatana Dharma Ki Jai !(Victory to Sanatana Dharma)


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